41st Geumsan World K-Insam Festival to Kick Off with a Variety of Festivities on October 6

The International Insam Trade Fair will be held simultaneously
Geumsan Ginseng and Herb Development Agency and VANK submitted a petition demanding the use of “insam” as an official English term “ginseng”

The 41st Geumsan World K-Insam Festival Poster

GEUMSAN--(뉴스와이어)--The 41st Geumsan World K-Insam Festival will take place in Geumsan from October 6 to 15, 2023, to promote the efficacy of insam (ginseng) to the world.

This festival will convey the message that insam is the best gift for people and highlight the numerous benefits of insam.

Geumsan-gun will improve its tourism infrastructure to better accommodate international visitors to the global exhibition.

During the festival, various game content, delicacies and fashion items, beauty products featured with insam will be promoted. The World Insam Food Corner will also offer innovative and nutritious recipes combining insam with representative foods from throughout the world. Limited editions of Insam-patterned souvenirs such as belts, ties, and umbrellas, will be showcased as well.

Park Beom-in, Mayor of Geumsan, said, “As this year marks the first year that the Geumsan Insam Festival goes global, we will effectively introduce Geumsan Insam to the world through differentiated content. We will make every effort to prepare programs, promotions, food, convenience facilities, safety measures, etc. in order to contribute to the festival's growth into a global event.”

The International Insam Trade Fair 2023 will be held with the festival, with over 30 insam production and processing companies from Geumsan-gun participating. From October 9 to 11, an export consultation will be held for invited overseas buyers. Following application acceptance, selected export buyers will be provided with airfare, accommodation, and transportation subsidies. Contact Victor82@gghda.kr to inquire about the application process.

Say ‘Insam’ Rather than Ginseng

Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (“VANK”) and Geumsan Ginseng & Herb Development Agency (“Agency”), initiated a petition calling for the English name of the plant “insam” to be distinct from the all-encompassing term “ginseng.”

VANK and the Agency argue that the Korean name “insam” should be used for ginseng, just as the Korean name “kimchi”, “tteokbokki”, and “gimbap” are used for these Korean dishes. This is because ginseng has a distinct cultivation, diversity, and health benefits that are unique to Korea.

The two organizations are advocating for “insam” to be listed in English dictionaries separately from the currently registered term “ginseng.”

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